Things to Consider – Part 4

Things to Consider – Part 4

This is a 5 part Series covering the procedure for considering a rewire of an older home and the steps we take to rewire a home. We have also answered a few common questions.  Take a look at our other blogs.

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  • The next step we would go in and check the electrical power panel inside the home we check the overall condition of the panel, we would also check the manufacturer of the panel there are a few that are prone to problems like not tripping correctly or tripping without anything even on them these are problems (That would be fixed with a new panel).  We would then go on to check the feeders coming into the panel and their condition, then then grounding, neutral and if they are separated or not this could be a problem. While we are in the electrical panel we would also asses the branch circuit wiring and see what condition it was in, depending on the year the home was built has allot to do with the type of wiring it has, for instance if it has knob and tube these are run with two separate conductors they will run throughout the home through porcelain insulators and these are what give this wiring it name one is a knob that holds the wires up the other is the tube that the wire runs through the wood with to protect and insulate it.

Disclaimer:   This blog is meant as informational only.  Please consult a local licensed and insured electrical contractor to work on your home and business.



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