Things to Consider – Part 2

Things to Consider – Part 2

This is a 5 part Series covering the procedure for considering a rewire of an older home and the steps we take to rewire a home. We have also answered a few common questions.
Part 2

  • When a meter Base is replaced we start with the permitting process (No Matter Where you are located this is required by either a city, county, or state). 2nd we arrange with the power company to get the power transfer done. 3rd after power is disconnected we then do the installation and replacement. 4th we have our inspection then they send off paperwork to the power company showing everything is completed and up to code. 5th we clean up and help as needed with the power company then we test the power and bring the house back up as we continue to test things. We then do a complete clean up of the area and disposing of the old equipment. I know this sounds easy but there is allot of prep work and this ends up being one very long day for a couple of Electricians. This is just a general idea of what is done it does not include all of the specifics like how we do the grounding etc.
  • Common Questions
  • Will my Refrigerator/Freezer be okay will it stay cold?   Yes we try to have power back up within 6 to 8 hours so if you keep it closed it will stay cold.
  • Will you bring a generator out?   Yes most of the time we bring a generator out to your home just in case. This is a smaller gen set not a large one it is not to run your home but if you need to charge a phone or need a temporary light that would work. We use it for some of our power tools like a large jack hammer to install the ground rods, or maybe a hammer drill etc.
  • I love this one, Will my shower still work?   Yes most hot water heaters don’t use electrical power. There are a couple that do but most don’t. The only exception to this is if you are on a well it won’t have any power for the down time.

Disclaimer:  This is meant as an informational blog, as always contact a licensed and insured electrical contractor to work on your home and business.


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