Solar – is it right for you??

Solar – is it right for you??

Solar has been becoming more popular every year.  So, is it right for you?


The Sun is the most abundant source of energy!  It provides enough energy to run most individual homes.  But getting a solar panel system installed on your home is quite expensive up front and there are SO many options! First of all, OF COURSE, make sure the electrician that installs it is licensed and insured and qualified!


Solar panels are made to absorb sunlight to create photovoltaic (PV) effect that turns sunlight into electricity.  A solar array (panels) are put on your roof at the optimum angels and area to absorb the most electricity for your home through an inverter.


Solar Inverter is the electrical box that turns the Direct Current (DC)  to Alternating Current (AC)  that is used in homes.  Some inverters are able to hook up to your power company and you “bank power during the day and use it at night or on cloudy days”


Solar Meter monitors the electricity produced to make sure everything is working correctly.

Check with your local power company to make sure they work with customers with solar panels, also check your state and local laws on solar panels before you invest. When checking out what solar company is best to buy from ask around and make sure they use qualified licensed and insured electricians to install, check out their website and any reviews to make sure you are going with the right company! Remember they will hype themselves up lot you have to look past that and find out if there for real.

Yes, we install complete solar systems.

We are fully licensed and insured Electrical Contractor. We do work from Salt Lake City to Payson including Spanish Fork, American Fork, Orem, Provo, Lehi, and from Heber to Magna. We have the experience and expertise and do work in all of the electrical areas including residential, commercial, industrial, service work/electrical repair and solar installation. Give us a Call Now  8013585170.

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Disclaimer: We are not liable this is info only. You must verify with your local authorities on or about your local laws and ordinances.

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