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Sabin Electric - Electric Car Charging Units

Electric Car Charging Units

Sabin Electric can provide your home or business with Electric Car Charging Units. We install, maintain and repair Electric Car Charging Units.

Electrical Service And Diagnostic

Electrical Service & Diagnostic

When you need a professional to figure out what kind of electrical problem you’re having, look no further than Sabin Electric’s Service And Diagnostic assistance.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans

Sabin Electric can install, repair and service your home or business Ceiling Fan. Call us today to take advantage of our electrical Ceiling Fans service.



Aaron Sabin has a lot of experience in commercial and residential generators. When it comes to generators, you’ll need to make sure it’s professionally installed and has enough power and fuel to keep your electrical needs running in a disaster. 


Security Lighting

Sabin Electric provides professional estimates and installation for security lighting at your home or business. Get peace of mind with security lighting that is done right.

security cameras and doorbell cameras

Security & Doorbell Cameras

Keeping your home or business safe with security cameras and doorbell cameras provides peace of mind in case of criminal behavior, natural disaster, or other emergency. Sabin Electric has years of experience installing and completing these systems.


Breaker Panels

Electrical breaker panels provide safety for any home or business. Sabin Electric can provide experienced installs, repair and more for any breaker panel in your home or office.



One of the most common electrical components to any home or business, the electrical outlet is something Sabin Electric can install or repair quickly and easily.

service mast

Electrical Services

Sabin Electric provides highly-trained, experienced professionals to work on your electrical services. Our customer service and skill with installs and repairs will exceed your expectations.


Light Switches

With the flick of a switch, Sabin Electric can address any light switch repair in your home or business. Our experience with any aspect of electrical install or repair provides peace of mind.


Meter Main

Meter mains are complex electrical components. For your home or business, a meter main needs professional install or repair from skilled electricians. Sabin Electric has the knowledge to handle your meter main needs.

interior lights

Interior Lights

Interior light fixture installation and repair can provide a new, updated look to your home or business. With Sabin Electric’s expert experience, your interior lighting can be installed, updated or repaired with ease.

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Any aspect of electrical install, wiring, repair or service is just a phone call away! Sabin Electric provides years of professional experience with emergency repairs, new tech installs, lighting upgrades, security installs and much more. Trust Sabin Electric to handle all your electrical needs.

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