Lets talk Shorts that’s Electrical Shorts

Lets talk Shorts that’s Electrical Shorts

Alright lets talk short that’s Electrical shorts 

We as Electricians make allot of jokes about them but really they are one of most annoying and hard to find problems

Lets talk about a few different shorts and what you will want to look for when they occur

1st  – half your house is going in and out you are losing power to your stove, Dryer and other 220 appliances. This is happening because you ARE losing half your power also known as a short or loose connection.

On this the first thing to check is the incoming power (Your Power line / Utility ) incoming to your house at the meter. If it were me after a quick inspection if I don’t see anything I would call the power company and request that they come and check it out.  If they can’t find it then its time to call a licensed Electrical Contractor out to find and repair it most likely it will be in the meter base or your electrical power panel.

This is what you might see as at least a potential short above your meter base but there are many other things that can happen.


2nd  – a common call is some of my outlets don’t work in this room or that room but half of them do.

Okay so looking at a situation like this:  We would first check the incoming power to the room then start device to device to find the short’s and yes multiple usually in this case there are more than just one.

As a Note – Most of the time the best option is to just replace All of the devices/Plugs in the room and repair the shorts as we find them / allot of the time its the device and the connections to them that have overloaded and damaged the connections. This can cause power to go in and out also known as a short.

This is one example here of a shorted and overloaded outlet.

And here is an example of what will be shorting out can you guess how this outside plug might be in danger of shorting out


Disclaimer:  This blog is meant as informational purposes only.  Always call your local licensed and insured electrical contractor to do work on your home or business.



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