Hot plugs/Electrical Fire Awareness

Hot plugs/Electrical Fire Awareness

My wife brought me her phone charger the other day and asked “Is this suppose to be this hot?”  No, it is not.  If you have plugs or cords that get hot you need to call a licensed and insured Electrician right away to check out your wiring.  If you have a hot electronic device, replace it immediately.

 I have gotten lots of Emergency phone calls where people have hot breakers or outlets and are worried about their house burning down and that is a real worry.

Ways to prevent Electrical fires:  Don’t use frayed extension cords, don’t overload circuits, have a   licensed and insured Electrician check the wiring in your home if it is older than 30 years old, have AFCI (refer to last post) and GFCI installed, know the load on your breakers and don’t overload, use only “UL Listed” products – make sure all electrical cords and products are “UL Listed”.  Electrical fires are one of the biggest causes of home damage, keep your home and family safe, call an Electrician today to make sure your home is safe!

Make sure you call a qualified/licensed Electrician to work on your home!

We are fully licensed and insured Electrical Contractor. We do work all from Draper to Payson. We have the experience and expertise and do work in all of the electrical areas including residential, commercial, industrial and service work/electrical repair. Give us a call 8013585170.

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Disclaimer: We are not liable this is info only. You must verify with your local authorities on or about your local laws and ordinances.

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