Generators – Do I Need one?

Generators – Do I Need one?

Generators are a very important part of our day to day world, but people don’t often think about them unless they are in need for them.   A generator converts mechanical energy to electrical energy for use in an external circuit.   Generators come in all shapes and sizes and horsepower.
These smaller ones would be used for homes and construction.
These larger ones are for Hospitals and Businesses.

Here are a few uses of generators:
Providing Emergency Backup power for Hospitals
Hospitals use and need a lot of power for obvious reasons. They use power to provide light, for air filtration, and for power machines that keep their patients alive. So if the power grid fails, they need a way to keep the most important machines working.  Generators kick on or can be started when the power goes out.  The generators power the minimum level of power needed to keep people alive and so Doctors and Nurses are able to take care of their patients still.
Powering Cabins and Remote Buildings
We all love cabins and some of us wish we owned one out in the mountains.  Gas or diesel generators are used to power the cabin while it is being used.  It is nice to be able to see at night in the cabin to take care of children or whatever is going on.  Cooking on a stove is nice, warm water for showering and washing dishes, all from the generator.
Powering Construction Sites
Some large construction sites use generators for the construction workers to charge their equipment, to use their equipment, to have lights to see.  Generators make it possible for the construction workers to get their work done also.
Providing Backup Power for Nuclear Power Plants
Nuclear Power Plants need back up generators for safety.  If there is a natural disaster, and power fails, then the generators make it so the facility is safe and able to shut down correctly instead of caring a nuclear disaster.
Providing Backup Energy for Emergencies
So, we all know how many natural disasters are going on around us, storms, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, floods, fire, and power lines being hit and down for days/weeks.  A back up generator at your home will be able to keep your refrigerator running, any people on oxygen or needing breathing treatments, lights on for little ones that are afraid, how nice and comforting it would be during a natural disaster to know that your family is safe and your food is safe and that you will be able to stay warm while all the craziness goes on outside of your home.
So, with this information, you need to figure out if you are able and if you want/need to get one and have it connected to your home or cabin.  Generators come in all sizes, some are diesel and some are gas.  You will need to make sure that your generator has enough power and stock pile of fuel to keep you refrigerator and freezer and heater going during a natural disaster.  Call a licensed certified Electrician and have them help you make sure that you get the right one for your home and that it is connected correctly to your home to be able to protect your home.   Aaron Sabin has a lot of experience in commercial and residential generators.  Give him a call  8013585170

We service all of Utah County and southern Salt Lake County.

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