Electrical Permits

Electrical Permits

UGH!!!  We all hate that word  “Permits”  You mean I have to get permission to do my own work,  what !!!!!!!!!

A very important thing to remember is that this work still requires a licensed Electrician to do this work that is properly trained.

  • There are some misnomers about working on your own home as to what we understand you can work on your own home with the understanding that it can not be a multi family dwelling such as a condo twin home rental like it says if its a multi family then NO the law requires you to hire a licensed and insured Electrician ( No a handyman is not licensed to do this work ) to prove the point a Handyman doesn’t have the license to pull a permit.

Its just another way for someone to get more of your money, right?  Some electrical work you need permits and some you don’t (ALWAYS check your local and state laws and  ALWAYS hire a licensed insured knowledgable Electrician).    Lets talk about the different times you are required to or not to get a permit for Electrical work.
Some of these might still require a permit depending on the city you live in.
Remember these are examples of certain possibilities not all situations or city’s are the same there are areas that  require permits for most anything please always check with your local jurisdiction, City, State, County etc. on any project you are planning on doing before. It is always a good thing to plan out a project before proceeding with it.
Change a light bulb            No
Change a light fixture        No
Change out an outlet         No
Change a few outlets         No
Basement remodel           yes
Basement finish                Yes
Finish a bathroom             yes
Replace your panel               Yes
Change out a Breaker            No
Change out your Meter          Yes
New Construction                    Yes
Run Electrical to Shop/Unattached Garage/Outbuilding      Yes
Put outlets in Eves                   No
Run undercounted lighting        No
Hang a huge and heavy Chandelier         No
Install a residential generator          yes
Install a commercial generator         yes
Installing solar             Yes – ALWAYS research the company you  choose, we have seen so many messed up jobs that aren’t hooked up correctly or at all and therefore saving any money.
Installing yard lighting       No
Installing a light pole in your yard             yes

Disclaimer:   These are just some examples, this was meant as a fun easy to read blog, but remember hiring a licensed, current on continuing ed, insured, qualified electrician and they will know the laws for your area and the codes, Handyman aren’t watched by the state so they don’t have to obey all the laws and codes and regulations.  Knowing, researching and learning the local codes and laws will help you also.
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