Electrical Meter Upgrade

Electrical Meter Upgrade

Electrical Meter Upgrade

100 amp or 200 amp 

These come with different cost. We evaluate your home and needs to see if you will need to upgrade but most of the time you don’t need to incur the added cost to upgrade to a 200 amp service. Most homes only need 100 amps, we can replace the old small 60 to 70 amp meter to a new 100 amp that has extra breaker space for the future.

We do allot of these if you are in need just call we do free estimates in person – every home is different.

If you are in need of an Electrical meter upgrade and you have an estimate that just doesn’t seem right call us for a free second opinion and Estimate we always suggest with any work you are getting done to get a second or third estimate.  This way you can see what is going on and what the real cost is “The big picture”.

For example city permits are always required as well as an inspection from that city. Before the power can be restored.

Yes even if you are in the county a permit is required as well as the inspection.

One thing we have to deal with is every city and county has different charges for permits so the cost can very. We itemize our estimates out showing the city fees to help show the cost.

If you have been told they don’t need a permit ( Big Red Flag ) Don’t go along with it. Your next step is to check their license and if they have insurance if you dont believe them ask to see a copy of it.

Yes we also Do the feeders and interior Electrical power panels if needed.




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