Electrical DIY Mishaps

Electrical DIY Mishaps

Every now and again, our team is called out to fix a DIY electrical job gone wrong.


As a homeowner myself, I consider myself a handy person and I try to fix a lot problems without calling in professionals.


In fact, I recently hung a new door in our entry way and stained it with my family.


But, I also understand how important it is to know when to draw a line. Painting a door yourself saves money and any possible problems have a simple solution. If something goes wrong doing your own electrical work it can lead to serious health and safety risks and severe damage to your home.


Earlier this year a man in Indiana was working on electrical without proper training. Police later found his body underneath his mobile home. It appeared that he had been working on a live electrical wire and was electrocuted.


Electricians have received the proper safety training along with the necessary experience to minimize and foresee potential electrical dangers. No amount of money is worth risking electrocution or a fire.


We encourage our readers to seek out trained professionals anytime you need electrical work. Let a skilled and qualified electrician do the job safely and correctly. You don’t want to make one of these common mistakes:


Learning electrical from a youtube video


The internet does have a lot of valuable tutorials on home improvement and DIY techniques, but very few electrical videos go over safety instruction. With car repairs you can search the exact make and model you are working with. While it would be nice to search “1978 home built by Weston Services and remodeled by the Johnson family in 2001” – you won’t be able to find a tutorial that safely explains how to work you YOUR home specifically.


Mismatched materials


Cable size, outlet fittings, overloaded breakers, circuit wiring mishaps, light bulb wattages, you name it. We’ve seen it all. Electrical has so many small moving parts that greatly impact your home. Improperly installed wiring can become loose in your walls and overloaded wires can heat up within your home and create damages that are easy to miss until it’s too late.


Avoiding a problem


I have a good sized family and we are constantly going to schools, practices, and performances. I love my family and our busy schedule, but it can be difficult to find time to approach some of our home projects. And sometimes electrical problems show up at an inconvenient time. Some homeowners will wait to call when they have more time to take a closer look and that’s fine in some instances. Simple things like a broken bathroom fan can wait but there are some dangerous problems that need to be addressed immediately (and it’s often more cost effective to address the initial problem rather than letting damage spread).


If you have an electrical concern, please feel free to call our offices. We can help you access the situation to determine the urgency of the situation and the risks involved.


As electricians, we take our training seriously and we take your safety seriously. Please do not attempt to do any electrical work that will put you or your family in harm’s way.
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