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Sabin Electric

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Meet the Owner

Hi I’m Aaron Sabin.

After many years in the field working as an Electrician I found that I just couldn’t take care of my customers the way I wanted and felt was right. So I broke out of just showing up to work and committed myself to doing what I call an old school style business.

You do what you say and say what you do then follow through to the best of your ability.

One of my goals is to train others Electricians to not only be great electricians but to be able to listen to the customer in order to fulfill what the customer ultimately desires and to make it safe fulfilling the code requirement while raising the standards of what is expected of us as tradesman.

I take the invite into your home or business very seriously when we are there I expect the best of myself and our Electricians we have to do our best this means going above and beyond what others would do and no matter what we have to be truthful in what we do.

So our goal is to be the most trusted Electrical contractor you can find we will always strive to be the best and lead by example.

In doing this our phones are always on we immediately answer or respond to all of our calls or text. This is difficult but worth it – this way we can show you from the beginning we are different.  Thank you!