Smoke Detectors

Did you know that the manufacturer recommends that the smoke detector be changed every 10 years and the batteries every 6 months?  If your home was built before 2009 then you should look into changing out all of your smoke detectors.

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Lets have some fun! Here are some jokes to enjoy!

What kind of car do electricians drive?
volts – wagons!

Electricians never die – they just lose “contact”

What do you get when you step on an electric fence?
A pair of shocks!

My tight-fisted neighbor doesn’t want to pay for an electrician to re-wire his house so he’s going to try and do it himself.
“How hard can it be?” he said.
I think he’s in for a shock.

What do electricians say when they meditate?

How did Benjamin Franklin feel after discovering electricity?

What do you call a Russian electrician?

Why are electricians always up to date?
Because they are current specialists!!!!!!

What did the light bulb say to the generator?
I really get a charge out of you!!!

These are fun!!!!

The Atom Joke
Two atoms were walking down the street.
Atom One: Oh no – I’ve lost an electron!
Atom two: Are you sure?
Atom one: Yes… I’m positive.

Why is wind power so popular?
Because it has lots of fans!

What is a power failure?
A Current Event!!!

From the Electric Company:
“We would be delighted if you pay your bill.
However, if you don’t, you will be.”

Why was the free electron so sad?
It had nothing to be positive about!

Why did the lights go out?
Because they liked each other!

What did Godzilla say when he ate the nuclear power plant?

Two atoms were walking down the street one day, when one of them exclaimed, “Oh, no I’ve lost an electron!”
“Are you sure?” the other one asked. “Yes,” replied the first one, “I’m positive.”


Disclaimer:   This is meant as a fun post, not as informational. As always, call a licensed and insured Electrical Contractor to work on your home or business.


Things to Consider – Part 4

This is a 5 part Series covering the procedure for considering a rewire of an older home and the steps we take to rewire a home. We have also answered a few common questions.  Take a look at our other blogs.

  • 4
  • The next step we would go in and check the electrical power panel inside the home we check the overall condition of the panel, we would also check the manufacturer of the panel there are a few that are prone to problems like not tripping correctly or tripping without anything even on them these are problems (That would be fixed with a new panel).  We would then go on to check the feeders coming into the panel and their condition, then then grounding, neutral and if they are separated or not this could be a problem. While we are in the electrical panel we would also asses the branch circuit wiring and see what condition it was in, depending on the year the home was built has allot to do with the type of wiring it has, for instance if it has knob and tube these are run with two separate conductors they will run throughout the home through porcelain insulators and these are what give this wiring it name one is a knob that holds the wires up the other is the tube that the wire runs through the wood with to protect and insulate it.

Disclaimer:   This blog is meant as informational only.  Please consult a local licensed and insured electrical contractor to work on your home and business.



Things to Consider – Part 3

This is a 5 part Series covering the procedure for considering a rewire of an older home and the steps we take to rewire a home. We have also answered a few common questions.

  • 3
  • To even start the process you need to think of a couple of things first; like where do I start, well .  .  .  thats easy.  The first thing any good Electrician is going to do is to start outside at the meter base, we will asses it and see if it has grounding, exterior disconnect, the right size conductors up to the utility, the condition of those conductors, and are they falling apart, are they showing the wire, is the insulation in good shape, and if there is any grounding and its condition.

Disclaimer:   This is meant as an informational blog only, as always contact your local licensed and insured electrical contractor to work on your home and business.


Things to Consider – Part 2


This is a 5 part Series covering the procedure for considering a rewire of an older home and the steps we take to rewire a home. We have also answered a few common questions.

Part 2

  • When a meter Base is replaced we start with the permitting process (No Matter Where you are located this is required by either a city, county, or state). 2nd we arrange with the power company to get the power transfer done. 3rd after power is disconnected we then do the installation and replacement. 4th we have our inspection then they send off paperwork to the power company showing everything is completed and up to code. 5th we clean up and help as needed with the power company then we test the power and bring the house back up as we continue to test things. We then do a complete clean up of the area and disposing of the old equipment. I know this sounds easy but there is allot of prep work and this ends up being one very long day for a couple of Electricians. This is just a general idea of what is done it does not include all of the specifics like how we do the grounding etc.
  • Common Questions
  • Will my Refrigerator/Freezer be okay will it stay cold?   Yes we try to have power back up within 6 to 8 hours so if you keep it closed it will stay cold.
  • Will you bring a generator out?   Yes most of the time we bring a generator out to your home just in case. This is a smaller gen set not a large one it is not to run your home but if you need to charge a phone or need a temporary light that would work. We use it for some of our power tools like a large jack hammer to install the ground rods, or maybe a hammer drill etc.
  • I love this one, Will my shower still work?   Yes most hot water heaters don’t use electrical power. There are a couple that do but most don’t. The only exception to this is if you are on a well it won’t have any power for the down time.

Disclaimer:  This is meant as an informational blog, as always contact a licensed and insured electrical contractor to work on your home and business.


Burnt Wires

Well I came across another burnt up wire today.  This was to a dryer it appears durning construction the electrician didn’t tighten the terminal down enough and over time it became loose.   When this happens corrosion will build up and over time this will cause more resistance and this causes heat, then you end up with burnt and damaged wires at the least. In this case it burnt out the side of the plug and caused damage to the box as well the box did its job it contained the fire damage but it was no longer usable.

So to fix this- the wire had allot of damage I cut in a new box below this old one because the conductors fed up from below this gave me more length to work with and I was able to cut out all of the damaged conductors to get to clean copper and good insulation. Then I installed the new plug (in this case we up graded to a 4 wire dryer plug and we replaced to dryer cord as well) we then proceeded to test the plug then the machine everything was back to normal and working correctly.

If you look close you can also see the damage to the box the top right its sagging down and no longer has the correct protection to use for Electrical at all.

Disclaimer:  This post was meant as an informational post.  As always, have a licensed insured electrician work on your home.

DIY Lighting projects

I was recently at a Customers home as we where headed through to look at anther project I noticed his kitchen lighting it was a little bit different.

He had installed a set of offset metal wall art hanging under the existing fixture now in this case it worked out great they were none flammable there was a good space between them and the fixture and they weren’t supported off of the fixture itself and on top of all that the fixture was an LED so great light output with very low heat and great energy use.

Oak Trim lensed Fluorescent Kitchen lighting.

This gives you anther option instead of ripping your kitchen ceiling out when you have that dated oak trim lens set up. We can install some flat panel LED lighting then you can find a design you like and hang it below to give you a nice decorative look no one else has thats fits your personal taste. This gives you the options you have never had before to design like the pro’s

Yes things like this can be done throughout your home please remember to never hang anything off of the fixture itself and check the rating on the anchors or supports you are using.


Disclaimer:  This is for informational purposes only.  As always, consult a local expert in your area oral laws and codes.  Only hire a licensed insured Electrician to work on your home.


Meter/Panel Upgrade

Here’s the before and after photos of a panel we just completed:


Notice how much cleaner it looks, and safer this is. All of our work is inspected and approved by local jurisdiction.

This Home had a short in the meter they were dropping one of the legs so they lost their 220 and were without their dryer and their A/C we got on this fast and got their power up and going restoring their comfort in their home and life.

Here’s a meter that needed an upgrade. This old meter has a few problems. It was only designed for about 60 to 70 amps and the new meters we install are a minimum of 100 amps. The new meters have the ever important disconnect to not only turn off the power to your home in an emergency but to provide additional protection from overloads shorts etc.

On top of all that, the old meter has no grounding protection. We added the required grounding and went above and beyond whenever possible. There was also the clearance issue with the overhead wires/conductors. We made sure they are at the right height. We did this using what is called a “mast” or a “riser” going through and above the roof and when required supports back for the load.




Here is the box we cleaned up and replaced.

To provide additional wiring, sometimes we need to cut a hole into the wall. If we are just replacing the panel then most of the time there are no cut outs/repairs.

It’s important to keep your electrical in repair and we were happy to help this home with a new panel. If you have any concerns about your electrical – please give us a call. Our highly qualified staff offers competitive prices before we do any work. Let us know how we can help!

Disclaimer:  This is an informational blog, please always call your local licensed and insured electrical contractor to work on your electrical!



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Doorbell Cameras/Security

Lets talk Doorbell Cameras and Security!

Unknown-4We want our homes and families safe!  We want to protect our belongings!  We want to feel safe in our own home!   We want our loved ones to be safe when we are not home!

( YES, We install door bell cameras )

There are so many different options out there

Costco has some

Walmart has some

Home Depot  has some



There are a ton  of options on the web.

So, how do we know we get the best security system, or how to install it correctly?

Disclaimer – Always read the installation instructions and directions of each device they are all different and you need to understand there limitations and requirements.


Lets talk benefits first.  How many times have we seen on the news or  on UTube about the burglars caught on the security camera.  When they are in plain sight they deter the robbers, because they don’t want to be .  How about the porch bandits that steal your amazon or eBay delivery, these can deter the bandits or catch them in the act.

Video Camera  door bells help you know who is there at the door before you get to the door, some come with intercoms thats you can talk to the people at your some  you can link to your phone and check out who is at the door while you are in the basement or out back in your garden.

And of course, they increase your home value because of the safety reasons.

Yes, you can install the system yourself, but getting a professional to install your system can insure your quality of the system.  They can talk to you about different systems they have seen, different systems they have worked to problems others have had to help you get the best.  They are able to connect it to your electrical system, you could possibly get more cameras around the house, there are a lot of different options an electrician can help you with to get a better system.



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Disclaimer:  This post is an informational post not legal advice.  Always hire a licensed, qualified, insured electricians to work on your home.