Emergency Exit / Well Not Really Good Luck

Okay Lets Talk Commercial or Industrial this also applies to Residential this really makes cense for all buildings.

This is a perfect example to pay attention to safety.  You can see in the first photo a doorway that is an Emergency Exit but Wait check out the second photo theres a little problem here. You may have to push really hard

Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit

to get out of this doorway. 

These doors and safe Work Areas are here for a reason if for some reason there is a failure then the Workers need a way out. the door has the proper panic bar to help them get out fast but wi the cabinet behind this just may cause someone there LIFE yes really it may.

Please keep all doorways and work areas clear this is for your safety as much as for others. Yes it is worth a few more moments to do it right.


Disclaimer:   These are just some examples, this was meant as a fun easy to read blog, but remember hiring a licensed, current on continuing ed, insured, qualified electrician and they will know the laws for your area and the codes, Handyman aren’t watched by the state so they don’t have to obey all the laws and codes and regulations.  Knowing, researching and learning the local codes and laws will help you also.


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