Financing Electrical Work

New meter, new panel, whole house upgrade, finishing basement, emergency rewiring, solar power, generator, there are all sorts of work that costs a lot of money that need to be done quickly, some you can save up for, but sometimes they have to be done immediately  or on an emergency basis.   There are lots of different ways to get financing for them.

We have exciting news!  We are working with David Mickelson at Banner Bank to  help get you a Home Improvement Loan quickly so you can keep your electrical working correctly and your home safe!

All loans are OAC through the bank not Sabin Electric we will line you up with the bank.  This program has worked great for our customers so far, it is now an option if you need it.


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Disclaimer:  As always, do your homework, always hire licensed, qualified, insured contractors and when looking at loans, always be aware of what you are signing!

4th of July Independence Day/Customer Appreciation Party

We had a wonderful party!

We gave away a Liberty Gun Safe, Congrats Rob

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We had tons of other giveaways:  A Star Wars RC Plane

He Won our adult water melon speed eating Contest. Congrats !!



We gave away lots of gift certificates to different places, bucket of twizzlers, glow sticks, I-Pod Shuffle,  IMG_1206

flashlights, bubbles and candy!

We had 3 different watermelon eating contests for different ages!!

We had a Bar-B-Q truck and an ice cream truck!     Great food and friends

Just wish i had more time to talk with everyone. thank you for coming.


And of course we had an amazing firework show!!  One child told us at the end it was “epically amazing!”

The grand finally was really Grand to say the least it even surprised us.











THANK YOU to all who came!!!

Brought to you by:  Aaron Sabin @

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Space Heaters overloading Circuits

During the cold months lots of people use other resources to warm up; space heaters, electric blankets, etc.  But if they are putting too much load on your circuits this can cause problems. Sometimes it is better to layer up or just go ahead and turn the heater up a notch than to  overload the circuits.

UnknownFor example a common bedroom circuit is rated for 15 amps, a normal space heater (1500 Watts the same as 15 100 Watt lightbulbs) on High (low pulls about 750 Watts) will pull  about 12.5 amps, your lights are on, your radio is on, and bam, lights out–you tripped your breaker.  


Now, some people like to use extension cords to make sure the heater is right by them, did you know that different extensions cords are rated for different amounts of Wattage? So yo can overload your extension cord and overload the circuit and cause all sorts of damage and fire danger!!!!!


Make sure you call a qualified/licensed Electrician to work on your home!

We are fully licensed and insured Electrical Contractor. We do work all from Salt Lake City to Payson including Spanish Fork, American Fork, Orem, Lehi, and from Heber to Magna. We have the experience and expertise and do work in all of the electrical areas including residential, commercial, industrial and service work/electrical repair. Give us a call 8013585170.

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24/7 emergency service available

Disclaimer: We are not liable this is info only. You must verify with your local authorities on or about your local laws and ordinances.


HUGE 2016 New Year Giveaway!

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At Sabin Electric we want to help you welcome in the new year with a bang!  Enter to win a Star Wars Remote Control X-Wing Straighter Air Hogs or 2GB Blue iPod Shuffle.  We will give away the Star Wars Remote Control Straighter when Sabin Electric reaches 125 likes on Facebook and we’ll give away the iPod when we reach 200 likes on Sabin Electric Facebook.

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