Handy Man – Not So Handy?


Okay, so a heads up to all of you that are thinking of using a not-so-handyman.
If they do anything more than change a light bulb it’s breaking the law, at least here in Utah. Please check for yourself by calling Dopl (Department of Public Licensing  of Utah, they are very helpful.

A licensed Electrician has been trained, tested,  insured and has the experience to do the job right and most stand behind their work.

A good Electrician will do it right the first time and charge you once.  Most handyman charge and charge until they figure out how to do the job. So you pay for them to learn and ? what type of work you have left in your home.  Is it worth it ????

The next time you need a job done right, and want to be able to sleep at night,  call Sabin Electric at (801) 358-5170.