Wow check out this Meter Base


Wow check out this Meter Base

At first it all looks okay but they were losing power. If you look closely you can see that the Meter Base itself is recessed into the meter base and they have applied Silicone around the meter its self. This was just the first indicator of the problems to come.

At first It looks okay but then

After looking inside the base and talking to the owner the power company was called it was just to Dangerous to chance of shorting out to try and do anything even the power company turned the power off before opening it up. Yes it was that bad, after the power was off he removed the meter base and I was able to start checking it out and this is what

Before we even start with the list What they did before was a real danger you can see that at one point it shorted out even with the proper protection the person that did this should have gone to the Hospital to be checked out this was bad really bad. You have to remember that there is really no protection on the side of the power company that is why we install Main breakers.

1st – To start off we found the the socket itself had been Retro fitted from another meter base

2nd – They had relocated the top left lug different from what it was designed to be (These are designed this way to keep clearances so there is no shorting out each and every voltage requires different distances to protect from shorts)

3rd – top left of the breaker the home made buss work obviously has been shorted out even if this was rated for the 200 amp load before it isn’t now when it was shorted they lost material and now it no longer has the design or rating it once had

4th – the lug on the top right of the breaker was modified and has lost its rating as well.

5th – if you look close you can see that the grounding/bonding/neutral Lug is loose and just hanging around to short out when someone moves it just right

6th – The neutral was loose inside the lug

7th – 5 and 6 Were not bonded correctly to the can/housing so if the feeders did short out to the box then it might not trip as needed or required.

Side Note. if you modify the equipment it no longer has the rating it came with and at that point you need the local jurisdiction to approve it.

We highly recommended to the owner to get this meter replaced by a licensed contractor even if we didn’t do it ourselves. They needed to get this Replaced ASAP.

Look close they blew this meter up bad

You can see here the buss is just hanging there and was intentionally removed out of they way for there mods

This is showing the lug being tightened by the power company


Disclaimer:  This is an information blog only.   Always contact a licensed and insured Electrical Contractor to work on your home or business.


Home Electrical Must Checks

Electrical Must Checks When buying Or owning a home the first of a series

Now everyone likes great lighting (You always have some options so don’t stress) let’s look at More Important things like. Does your new Home have the correct sized, Protected Meter and Electrical power panel.

Meter Base Upgrade Example

This is very important  – think of this equipment as being the Heart of your Home and if it’s not healthy then you know that the rest is stressed as well.

What to look for 1st – do you have a Main Breaker outside?   Now this isn’t always required on the outside of the home but in most areas it is (This is a Safety thing in case of a fire or possibly another Emergency) You want to be able to shut down all the power at one point.

A couple of other things to check would be  –

1.) Do you have Grounding this can be done a few different ways such as a couple of ground rods below the panel these should be at least 6’ apart to work correctly.

2.) Does it have Overhead or Underground Service feeding it overhead should have at least 2 different supports holding to the wall of the home. Underground should have at least one support / strap.

This is something that should be checked by a Licensed Electrical Contractor in your area

Then after the meter base head into the Electrical power panel now this is what we use to protect the wiring inside the home this will be one of our next blogs upcoming soon.

This is a Good Example of an Electrical power panel should look like

Replacement Electrical Panel Example photo


Here are a few with Problem we have come across in the past some are much worse then others. you can also see a few after they have been replaced with new meter bases.

These all had problems most of witch where shorts of some sort the last one is just on a whole new level my next post will be just about it and the problems it has .

Disclaimer:   This is meant as an informational blog only.  Always contact a licensed and insured Electrical Contractor to work on your home of building.




Remember your smoke detectors!

With the changing of seasons it is a good time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.  

Always keep up on that to keep your family safe and also to avoid that annoying beeping sound that wakes us up in the middle of the night.

Disclaimer:  Remember to always hire an insured and licensed Electrical Contractor to work on your home


Business Time Savings

A little bit of foresight can go along ways when hiring out a Service.  Having the right people with the knowledge and know how to do the maintenance and repairs correctly the first time is not only a Money Saver but it is a Time Saver. I have found the time savings to be very important. So please take into consideration the cost of your time and schedule when you hire anyone especially in a service industry. 


Electrical Informative Videos

We are glad to announce we are creating some basic videos for our customers. We will update you as to when we will be releasing these videos.  We are currently working on them.

First will be for removing and replacing broken light bulbs and why you should upgrade to LED bulbs.

We are currently working on some basic videos for some of the standard calls we get like How do I reset a GFCI outlet and what is a GFCI outlet.

Another one we get is why don’t my eve outlets work – this is usually a switch that is strategically placed for it to never be found – just kidding –  but we do hide them on purpose.

We also get the call of MY POWER IS OUT or only HALF my house Works (This one starts with a call to the power company first then to us if it isn’t a problem on their side)

We would appreciate your input on some basic questions on HOW YOUR ELECTRICAL  around your house WORKS and we will see if we can add it to a video.

Thank you for being such great customers!

Happy Holidays and a Big Thank you!

I just wanted to say a big Thank You and to let you know We Strive to help and to be Our best and will continue for many more years to come.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah we wish you all a great Holiday!

I would like to just say thank you to all of our great customers and friends.  No,  this is not a good bye letter. I would just like to thank our customers and community for all the support its been an interesting year so far but I’m still grateful for all the blessings we have and the way they get to us. Hopefully we are and can be the same back to our customers and friends.  It is fun getting to know all of you.  There really are a lot of great people here and I’m very grateful for this.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We are looking forward to many more years working hard, this is my home, my community, I grew up here. All of you continue to help me appreciate it more every day.

Thank you. Aaron Sabin / Sabin Electric

Thanks to all of you Top Rated Local selected us as one of the top businesses in Utah.  What an honor that is, Thank you again.




Lets have some fun! Here are some jokes to enjoy!

What kind of car do electricians drive?
volts – wagons!

Electricians never die – they just lose “contact”

What do you get when you step on an electric fence?
A pair of shocks!

My tight-fisted neighbor doesn’t want to pay for an electrician to re-wire his house so he’s going to try and do it himself.
“How hard can it be?” he said.
I think he’s in for a shock.

What do electricians say when they meditate?

How did Benjamin Franklin feel after discovering electricity?

What do you call a Russian electrician?

Why are electricians always up to date?
Because they are current specialists!!!!!!

What did the light bulb say to the generator?
I really get a charge out of you!!!

These are fun!!!!

The Atom Joke
Two atoms were walking down the street.
Atom One: Oh no – I’ve lost an electron!
Atom two: Are you sure?
Atom one: Yes… I’m positive.

Why is wind power so popular?
Because it has lots of fans!

What is a power failure?
A Current Event!!!

From the Electric Company:
“We would be delighted if you pay your bill.
However, if you don’t, you will be.”

Why was the free electron so sad?
It had nothing to be positive about!

Why did the lights go out?
Because they liked each other!

What did Godzilla say when he ate the nuclear power plant?

Two atoms were walking down the street one day, when one of them exclaimed, “Oh, no I’ve lost an electron!”
“Are you sure?” the other one asked. “Yes,” replied the first one, “I’m positive.”


Disclaimer:   This is meant as a fun post, not as informational. As always, call a licensed and insured Electrical Contractor to work on your home or business.


Things to Consider – Part 5

This is part 5 of a 5 part Series covering the procedure for considering a rewire of an older home and the steps we take to rewire a home. We have also answered a few common questions.  Take a look at our other blogs.

  • 5
  • Outlets, switches and branch circuits, This would be the next step. We would then asses what you have and what you need (Like if you have GFCI outlets and the proper protection).  The condition of the existing wiring if and what should be replaced. At this point is where we see if any of the home has been rewired and its condition. This is the point that we usually have to tell the home owner that they are looking at a complete rewire. I’ll personally tell you its not fun to be the guy telling someone that its going to cost allot of money but its great that we can at least give them an option to help get their house up to this century.
  • Copper wire is increasingly expensive, so just the materials alone for rewiring a typical home can have a high cost
  • Having an electrician rewire your home can take allot of hours and speciality trained guys. To upgrade to a 100 amp electrical panel generally takes about 6 to 10 man hours and that is for a trained professional – licensed Journeyman.
  • The average older home of about 1200 to 1800 sqft takes on average around 2 weeks of labor to rewire for 2 guys minimum. This is with good attic and basement access
  • These can vary from home to home
  • This is why we always come out and give you a free estimate before we proceed with any work

Things that could be included:

  • If your house is on a concrete slab or doesn’t have an attic (or both), it will probably be necessary to cut open the walls about 2 feet up from the floor, as well as cutting through the ceiling joists.
  • Rewiring a home requires a building permit and inspections of the work at certain stages in project; check with your local planning department for specifics. All wiring must meet the National Electrical Code, but local building regulations can also affect the scope and cost of your rewiring project.


Disclaimer:  This is an informational blog only, always hire a licensed insured electrical contractor to work on your home or business.

Things to Consider – Part 4

This is a 5 part Series covering the procedure for considering a rewire of an older home and the steps we take to rewire a home. We have also answered a few common questions.  Take a look at our other blogs.

  • 4
  • The next step we would go in and check the electrical power panel inside the home we check the overall condition of the panel, we would also check the manufacturer of the panel there are a few that are prone to problems like not tripping correctly or tripping without anything even on them these are problems (That would be fixed with a new panel).  We would then go on to check the feeders coming into the panel and their condition, then then grounding, neutral and if they are separated or not this could be a problem. While we are in the electrical panel we would also asses the branch circuit wiring and see what condition it was in, depending on the year the home was built has allot to do with the type of wiring it has, for instance if it has knob and tube these are run with two separate conductors they will run throughout the home through porcelain insulators and these are what give this wiring it name one is a knob that holds the wires up the other is the tube that the wire runs through the wood with to protect and insulate it.

Disclaimer:   This blog is meant as informational only.  Please consult a local licensed and insured electrical contractor to work on your home and business.



Things to Consider – Part 3

This is a 5 part Series covering the procedure for considering a rewire of an older home and the steps we take to rewire a home. We have also answered a few common questions.

  • 3
  • To even start the process you need to think of a couple of things first; like where do I start, well .  .  .  thats easy.  The first thing any good Electrician is going to do is to start outside at the meter base, we will asses it and see if it has grounding, exterior disconnect, the right size conductors up to the utility, the condition of those conductors, and are they falling apart, are they showing the wire, is the insulation in good shape, and if there is any grounding and its condition.

Disclaimer:   This is meant as an informational blog only, as always contact your local licensed and insured electrical contractor to work on your home and business.