Wow check out this Meter Base


Wow check out this Meter Base

At first it all looks okay but they were losing power. If you look closely you can see that the Meter Base itself is recessed into the meter base and they have applied Silicone around the meter its self. This was just the first indicator of the problems to come.

At first It looks okay but then

After looking inside the base and talking to the owner the power company was called it was just to Dangerous to chance of shorting out to try and do anything even the power company turned the power off before opening it up. Yes it was that bad, after the power was off he removed the meter base and I was able to start checking it out and this is what

Before we even start with the list What they did before was a real danger you can see that at one point it shorted out even with the proper protection the person that did this should have gone to the Hospital to be checked out this was bad really bad. You have to remember that there is really no protection on the side of the power company that is why we install Main breakers.

1st – To start off we found the the socket itself had been Retro fitted from another meter base

2nd – They had relocated the top left lug different from what it was designed to be (These are designed this way to keep clearances so there is no shorting out each and every voltage requires different distances to protect from shorts)

3rd – top left of the breaker the home made buss work obviously has been shorted out even if this was rated for the 200 amp load before it isn’t now when it was shorted they lost material and now it no longer has the design or rating it once had

4th – the lug on the top right of the breaker was modified and has lost its rating as well.

5th – if you look close you can see that the grounding/bonding/neutral Lug is loose and just hanging around to short out when someone moves it just right

6th – The neutral was loose inside the lug

7th – 5 and 6 Were not bonded correctly to the can/housing so if the feeders did short out to the box then it might not trip as needed or required.

Side Note. if you modify the equipment it no longer has the rating it came with and at that point you need the local jurisdiction to approve it.

We highly recommended to the owner to get this meter replaced by a licensed contractor even if we didn’t do it ourselves. They needed to get this Replaced ASAP.

Look close they blew this meter up bad

You can see here the buss is just hanging there and was intentionally removed out of they way for there mods

This is showing the lug being tightened by the power company


Disclaimer:  This is an information blog only.   Always contact a licensed and insured Electrical Contractor to work on your home or business.


Home Electrical Must Checks

Electrical Must Checks When buying Or owning a home the first of a series

Now everyone likes great lighting (You always have some options so don’t stress) let’s look at More Important things like. Does your new Home have the correct sized, Protected Meter and Electrical power panel.

Meter Base Upgrade Example

This is very important  – think of this equipment as being the Heart of your Home and if it’s not healthy then you know that the rest is stressed as well.

What to look for 1st – do you have a Main Breaker outside?   Now this isn’t always required on the outside of the home but in most areas it is (This is a Safety thing in case of a fire or possibly another Emergency) You want to be able to shut down all the power at one point.

A couple of other things to check would be  –

1.) Do you have Grounding this can be done a few different ways such as a couple of ground rods below the panel these should be at least 6’ apart to work correctly.

2.) Does it have Overhead or Underground Service feeding it overhead should have at least 2 different supports holding to the wall of the home. Underground should have at least one support / strap.

This is something that should be checked by a Licensed Electrical Contractor in your area

Then after the meter base head into the Electrical power panel now this is what we use to protect the wiring inside the home this will be one of our next blogs upcoming soon.

This is a Good Example of an Electrical power panel should look like

Replacement Electrical Panel Example photo


Here are a few with Problem we have come across in the past some are much worse then others. you can also see a few after they have been replaced with new meter bases.

These all had problems most of witch where shorts of some sort the last one is just on a whole new level my next post will be just about it and the problems it has .

Disclaimer:   This is meant as an informational blog only.  Always contact a licensed and insured Electrical Contractor to work on your home of building.