Service – before and after photos

We have taken some photos on some jobs to post and show you what your service should look like on the side of the house.  Lets have some fun!

If you have hanging wires like this, call me!  We can get it cleaned up and safe!

They will be above the roof correctly when we are done.


Before, See the dangerous wire mess!


During, a closer look at the mess!


After, not completely all done, but look how nice and clean that looks!


Before, see all the wires handing and all over.


After, look how nice this looks with the wires in conduit for protection.  Nice and clean. and They are Safely above the roof and much higher above the drive way.


Before:  Do you see this conduit, its not even connected.


During, We care about your lawn and plants.  We carefully removed the plant and dirt around it.


During, We got the pipe fixed and bolted to the house.  Repaired done and safe.


After, notice we got the plant back in, and everything looking nice and clean.

Almost like we weren’t even there.


Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 11.46.59 PM

Disclaimer:  Always have a licensed, insured, electrical contractor take care of your electrical needs.  Always know the state and local laws when working with electrical.

Sabin Electric is a licensed, and insured Electrical Contractor.  Call for all of your Electrical needs including, residential, commercial, industrial, solar, and any service work!  We serve everywhere in the Salt Lake County and Utah County areas.  No job too small – Give us a call  8013585170.

Mike Lee/Scouting-Merit Badge

So the best part Saturday (at the Utah Republican Convention) was when I Talked to Mike Lee, you could tell he had a long day but was still going strong. The cool part was when I asked him for a favor to help my son with his merit badge he got a huge grin and was very happy almost giddy to help throughout the entire call he was so cheerful and happy-to say the least my son is very grateful. I was amazed how happy he was to serve. This is a man that is truly in the service of us and others. He walk’s the walk and goes above and beyond. ‪#‎MikeLee‬


Utah State Republican Convention

So I enjoyed last Saturday as a Sate Delegate I was able to have a long chat with Mia Love and Mike Lee, Its great to get to know our representatives. I had a few highlights that night I was elected to be a National Alternate Delegate, but what really made me happy was that Mike Lee took his time to help my son complete his merit badge he took his time to talk to him on the phone to fulfill the requirements. #MiaLove #MikeLee

IMG_1655 IMG_1657

Fun Outlet Accessories!!

We have some fun posts this month!

Today we are going to look at some fun accessories to your necessities.

Here are a couple we are trying out right now!

Look here is a USB Port on the side of your outlet cover!!! Opens up the outlet and lays flat to the wall rather than sticking out!!



Next:  this is the same outlet, dark and light.  A night light IN the outlet cover plate!! Again, opening up the outlet for other things to be plugged in!  Do you see the little dark spot on the bottom of the outlet?  That is the light sensor, so it automatically comes on when it is dark and goes off when it is light!  My kids have had so much fun with this covering the sensor to make it go on and off!  It has come in so nicely at night to light the way to my room when they are scared at night.



Here are some other fun options:

Wouldn’t this be nice!



This is great for young children who are interested in putting things into holes they find!

Another USB Port option!


This is nice for all the extension cords around ?



OOOO!  How James Bond would you feel with this in your house??



Again, Safety is always important!



Well, I had a lot of fun searching around trying to find pictures to show you of fun outlet covers!


When we install and or change out outlets, We install New Tamper Resistant outlets. This means that the old ways of trying to keep those plastic push in protectors in are now history



stampAs always, know your state and local laws for electrical. Always hire a licensed and insured Electrician who is up on their continuing ed and
keeps their licenses up to date.  Give us a call!  No job too small!  8013585170  Aaron can fix all your electrical needs!  We service everywhere in the Wasatch Front!



Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 11.46.59 PM